Vsllcau Electric Bottle Opener : Effortless cork remover. Highly recommend.

I bought one of these for myself and am so pleased with it that i have just given one as a present. It is delightfully easy to use and is ideal for anyone with arthritic hands. It comes with a foil cutter and the charge lasts for a very long time.

On first sight, seemed a good quality product, in spite of the poorly tramslated instructions. Unfortunately, the first time i used it, i found it did not remove a standard cork completely, so i still had to finish the job by pulling, which completely negated the point of buying it. In addition, there seems no way of predicting when the charge would run out.

It’s amazing how easy it is to use it. Sometimes opening a bottle of wine could be a struggle. I specially hate it when i break the cork inside the bottle. This electronic wine opener resolved this issue. In addition i’d love all the three small wine accessories coming with it. Foil cutter, wine pourer and also the air vaccine i specifically loved it. All comes with a charger cable.

Removes cork then places the cork in your hand. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  • Useful tool and my mates loved it.
  • A Must Have lovely gadget for any wine enthusiast
  • useful and easy to use

Electric Bottle Opener, Vsllcau Rechargeable Wine Opener, Professional Electric Corkscrew Wine Accessories with Foil Cutter, Vacuum Stopper, Pourer and USB Charger Cable, Stainless Steel

  • RECHARGEABLE AND DURABLE: More Convenient than electric wine opener with batteries, it could open more than 45 bottles of wine without any problems when fully charged, no batteries needed
  • COMPLETE EQUIPMENT: Designed for families, meeting, a bottle opener electric with foil cutter(at the same time with the base function, do not have to put their brains when placed), wine pourer, vacuum stopper and data cable
  • SAVING TIME & FASTER: Just need to press the two buttons, you can remove the cork in 8 seconds ,open bottle caps effortlessly, which will help you to keep your elegance and have more time to enjoy wine with your family and friends
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL WINE OPENER: High quality stainless steel body and food grade material screw. The purpose for 100% safe to use for food. Meets CE, ROHS certification
  • CLEAR INDICATOER LIGHT &1 YEAR WARRANTY: Open up bottle stopper is blue light, when there is light, the cap will come out automatically, the best is the design that adds beauty and utility is interesting and easy to use electric bottle opener, it can be used as a decoration for your home or restaurant

I saw this product in a friend’s house, feel beautiful and practical, so i bought one for me and my wife, she is a wine lover, with this more convenient, i want to say wine drinker should have such a convenient bottle opener. Quite well made, not super hight quality material but really smooth feel.

Will reorder as gifts later.

 extraordinary tools for wine lovers, build to make the adventure to open a bottle of wine much easier and spent that time with my precious wine :)the rechargeable stainless steel opener it’s created with elegant design and it’s so simple to use, actually you can see that in my video where my wife for first time operate with this device 🙂 enjoy :)in the box you can found it, foil cutter which one actually you can use it like stand for the bottle opener if you would like of course, also in the box it’s included wine pourers and bottle stopper. Just an excellent product with the great look and i highly recommend it, especially for that ridiculous price.

This opener is a very practical tool. You don’t need to use all of your power. It is brilliant at opening wine. Just one thing it needs the bottle to be kept straight. Perfect exactly what i’d been looking for. One of my friends who run a restaurant expressed the willing to try it in his business. I advise everyone to buy this.

Good use, fully automatic, no effort. Wine stopper is also very good, pour the wine very well.

Easy to use and quick when you have a lot of bottles to open .

Pretty to look at, simple to use.

You know how you have some friends that love wine and think they know what wine is?. Well i have a set of those friends, this was for them, comes with a pourer (so they stand a chance of pouring a decent glass of wine for a change)basic operation is to charge up via the opener with the provided cable, cut the foil off the wine bottle with the ‘stand/base’ of the device, pop the bottle opener on top and push down and the heypresto the screw goes in the cork, pull up and it it pops off. Then of course you an attached the pourer and pour a decent bottle of wine, them you can used the vacuum stopper to seal the bottle of wine back up with, assuming you don’t drink it all.

Really happyno more broken corks.

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Electric Bottle Opener, Vsllcau Rechargeable Wine Opener, Professional Electric Corkscrew Wine Accessories with Foil Cutter, Vacuum Stopper, Pourer and USB Charger Cable, Stainless Steel
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