Savisto Electric Omelette Maker : Great value for money

It makes ideal omelettes very quickly and without any mess,it’s so easy to use.

This is an excellent omelette maker very quick cooking ,and nice and compact.

Great for the omelettes, and worth every penny.

Best thing i’ve bought for ages and the omelettes are done lovely.

  • Really easy to use!
  • Extremely easy – even for novices like me
  • Very happy with this

Savisto Electric Omelette Maker, 750 Watt Non-Stick Egg Cooker for Omelettes with Automatic Heat Control and Cool Touch Handle – Stainless Steel

  • The perfect omelette the easy way: Create and enjoy delicious chef-quality omelettes without the need for flipping or turning with this electric, two-sided omelette pan from Savisto.
  • Efficient and reliable 750 Watt heating element: Ensures a speedy heat up and cooking time and an even heat spread. Designed for consistent results – delivering tasty omelettes every time you cook.
  • Two compartments: Cook one or two omelettes at once with different fillings of choice. These compartments can also be used to cook fried eggs and scrambled eggs.
  • Ideal for healthy eating: With this egg cooker, you don’t need oil or butter for the cooking process. A non-stick surface allows you to lift your cooked omelettes from the cooking plates easily and with no mess.
  • Safety first: Short-reach cable reduces the risk of your omelette maker being pulled from its work surface by children/ toddlers. Dimensions: 22.5 x 17 x 10 cm. Product features non-slip feet and a red/green ready light indicator.

Excellent and makes superb omelettes.

This is such a useful machine to keep in your kitchen cupboards, it makes making an omelette a whole lot easier and quicker to do. Sometimes on an evening after i get in from work i can’t be bothered to make a big dinner with all the mess, this omelette maker is simple and quick and you can have dinner on your plate in about 10 mins and there is barely any cleaning up to do afterwards either. Really really good for a quick and straightforward dinner when you get in.

When this first arrived i did think that the omelettes were going to be a little small but after making a couple for the first time the other day they are actually a perfect size for a meal. I made mine with a few chips as well and it filled me up nicely. They don’t take long to make once you pop your mixture into the sections either. I left mine in for just under 10 mins and they were cooked lovely. Think i will be using this quite a lot now as i can have my tea ready when i get in from work in like 20 mins without as much mess as normal. Would really recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of free time for cooking or just to someone who is a little bit lazy like me.

This omelette maker is really good and so easy to use, all you need to do is plug it into the wall and let it heat up and then you can put your omelette mix into it. Doesnt take very long for the omelettes to cook either, i put mine in for around 8 to 10 minutes and it does the job. Literally such a good gadget to have in the house, even if you don’t use it all the time it just makes omelettes a lot easier and quicker.

It cooks omelettes perfectly and it’s easy to clean.

When i make an omelette now it takes no time at all and the maker is so easy to clean after you don’t have loads of washing up to do just your plate. The omelette came out lovely and fluffy and well cooked and you don’t have to keep it in there for ages either.

I’ll be the first to admit i’m not the best at making omelettes. A really easy thing but somehow i screw it up every time. It’s a meal i enjoy so i did want an easy way to make them without too much fuss. Saw this while i was browsing and thought i’d give it a go, best thing is i’m delighted as i can make omelettes quick and easy now without any hassle of standing over a pan making sure it doesn’t burn. This omelette maker is pretty straight forward, it’s kind of like a toastie maker, you turn it on for it to heat up, pour the mixture into it and shut the lid. That’s pretty much all there is to it. On the outside of the machine you’ll find lights that let you know when the makers heated up and ready to use. Inside you’ll find two sections, perfect for making two omelettes at once or if you just want the one, only fill one side. There’s a small divider between the two sections so if you’re making two they won’t ever mix. Nice little thing you can do with this is that you can make two different types of omelettes at once.

Very satisfied with product. Had a lovely omelette today.

Came on time and with no fuss. I love this little omelette maker, it makes omelette very quick to make. Sometimes when me and my husband aren’t too hungry we have one section each, i put the fillings i want in one side and he puts the fillings he wants in the other. The omelettes come out really good as well and they are so simple to clean.

Everything was very well organised arriving on time workin wellthankyou.

I bought this omelette maker last week and have got a few uses out of it already. It has been brilliant so far and has been so easy to use. I’m not sure why i didn’t get one sooner. There is hardly any mess to clean up after unlike using a pan. Just wipe it over with a damp cloth and the excess bits come off easy. I like to use mine on a morning to make breakfast, its perfect when i haven’t got as much time before work as its so quick and simple to use. I would recommend if you want a quick and easy breakfast/lunch/tea.

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Savisto Electric Omelette Maker, 750 Watt Non-Stick Egg Cooker for Omelettes with Automatic Heat Control and Cool Touch Handle - Stainless Steel
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