Quest 43890 Halogen Low Fat Oven Fryer : Quick & efficient.

A brilliant and safe way of roasting every meat, and very cleanice and hygienic, and economic.

Really enjoy using this oven, so much quicker and more effective than waiting for my domestic electric oven to warm up. Does not need pre-heating either, so no time lost there either. Good view of the food cooking due to it being all glass.

Very versitile and eficient. I would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Far easier to cook whole chickens without the splashing and mess usually associated with cooking in a normal oven or microwave oven. Quickly gets up to temperature, so no pre-heating time as with normal ovens. Conveniently cooks anything you could in a normal oven but quicker.

  • My first halogen oven
  • Quick & efficient.
  • good performance, well pleased

Quest 43890 Halogen Low Fat Oven Fryer, 1300 W, White

I got “sheer wood” oven not “quest” one listed here. They kind of similar but they differ a lot, for 30 pounds it is not worth to hassle with returns and amazon knows that, too bad. Sheer wood oven is nice, i sometimes use it, this type of oven is meant for specific foods, when you buy one you need to learn how to cook with it.

For a customer,never had recourse.

I like it because i do not have to heat up a large oven for one person. I am only just getting used to it.

Easy cooking, clean and you can actually see what’s happening to your food while it is cooking. Cheaper than using a conventional oven, with ease of use. No pre heating on most foods with quicker cooking times.

I love my halogen cooker, i’ve had before but unfortunately it got broken. It’s so quick and easy to use it’s great.

Very good quality and very swift dispatch.

Good performance, well pleased, not a lot of info with product, i9 had to purchase a book for menus.

I previously had a 7 litre halogen of another brand and it lasted about four years before the bulb exploded,i admit to being rather alarmed at the explosion and subsequent mess but i expect that after four yearts of condensation from all the meals cooked in the oven the moisture finally had that effect. If i was to offer any advice it would be to take the lid off the oven as soon as your food is cooked and not leave it to sit with the steam rising to the lid and ultimately the bulb. I,m not complaining however, i’ve checked a number of reviews on various makes of halogen ovens and decided i more than had my money’s worth. I also saved on the electricity bill into the bargain. I could not find the same brand as before but again after checking the price and performance of many ovens i plumped for the quest halogen 12 litre 1300 watt, i originally thought it was too wide to fit in my limited work top space,but eventually when tried realised i could just squeeze it on. I’m trying to be a little more gentle with this one not only because of lack of space but also i notice the bowl is not as thick as my previous halogen, ofcourse taking into account that the previous halogen oven was twice the price of the quest oven i think it was a good deal. I have only been using it for a relatively short time but so far so good.

Really good value for the price. The only negative is there is nowhere to put the top / lid. Having said that, the products that have a hinged top, or a slot to hold the lid, are far more expensive. I do find i need to cook items just a bit longer than the recipe calls for. My package came without instructions. It would have been nice to have a recipe book, but i can find everything i need on youtube.

Great for smaller familys who want to save on electricity, and makes great food, try pizza ,or even roasted chicken ummmm just be careful with the bowl, it’s easily broken if hit ,wash in dishwasher or on it’s own after use, but apart from that great item.

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Quest 43890 Halogen Low Fat Oven Fryer, 1300 W, White
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