KitchenAid Steel Pasta Roller, High quality product, as could be expected from Kitchenaid

Quality product, which you expect from kitchenaid.

Brill as i have never used one.

Great little roller, couldn’t decide if i wanted just this flat roller or the newer, all singing, all dancing, pasta attachment that makes all the different types of pasta shapes. Having never made pasta before i decided to have a go with just the flat roller as i wanted this one anyway for rolling sugar paste evenly and quickly to make cake decorations. I made the pasta and keeping the roller on a lower speed i got the knack in the end, takes a bit of practice.

Key specs for KitchenAid Steel Pasta Roller:

  • Use to knead and perfectly flatten formed pasta sheets
  • Attachment for KitchenAid Mixer
  • No cutters needed
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Adjustable for thick or thin settings

Comments from buyers

“Great little roller
, Yep, very happy with this product
, Such a good idea

Rolling pasta is much easier with the attachment. Good quality as all kitchenaid products.

A very smooth pasta machine. I’d recommend it for pasta and sugar work.

High quality product ,as could be expected from kitchenaid.

I bought this for cake decorating – yes – cake decorating – not for pasta at all. To produce equal thickness of sugar paste decorations for wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, birthday cakes etc. Not had it long but so far its doing a fantastic job and so much easier than rolling out by hand and trying to get the same thickness by guesswork. Now i probably need to make some pasta and see how it works for that :).

Makes brilliant pasta highly recommend it, so much better than so called ‘fresh’ pasta from supermarkets.

Well worth the money if you are experimenting with homemade pasta. Saves a lot of time, the roller is efficient and smooth.

This makes life much easier when making pasta.

Brilliant addition to my kitchen aid. Especially as i use it for rolling out sugar paste for cake decorating. Fantastic service and quick delivery.

The steel fascia at the front of the knob kept falling out but i fixed that with a bit of double sided tape.

I bought this to roll sugarpaste – what an amazing product. Saves so much time,wish i’d got it sooner.

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KitchenAid Steel Pasta Roller
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