Great Value Company GVC Popcorn Maker – Pink : we both love them. Not sure why a different colour one

Great price and makes yummy popcorn quickly.

Excellent little popcorn maker no. 1 present so far for people.

GVC Popcorn Maker – Pink

  • Healthy popcorn – made by hot air technology, no oil or butter is required.
  • Uses Advanced Hot Air Technology.
  • A healthy snack for the whole family.
  • Butter melting container included.
  • 230v, 50hz, 1200w;Super Fast Delivery

Why we were doing it in a pan before no idea. Quick, clean and tastes great.

Excellent gift for a little girl.

For a quick bowl of air cooked popcorn this unit is excellent.

GVC Popcorn Maker – Pink : Pops quickly and gives you a big bowl of warm, chewy popcorn in no time.

Very pleased with this little machine does the job perfect very fast , had for my daughter’s party the kids loved it u need to get some flavours to add after.

Bought 1 for myself & 1 for granddaughter, we both love them. Not sure why a different colour one was £2 dearer, the specs seemed the same so went for the cheaper pink, when not in use it can go in the cupboard but so far it’s been used each day. With microwave popping the first ones start to burn while waiting for the last ones to pop, which is what prompted me to buy this, it does throw out some unpopped ones with the popped but you just put them back in for next time. So far i’ve found that the butter doesn’t really melt enough but that’s not a problem, i can heat that seperately or use other flavourings.

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GVC Popcorn Maker - Pink
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