Chef’s Choice 316 Asian Electric Knife Sharpener : Worth the money

I only have japanese knives, mostly tojiro and global, with a kai shun in the mix. Apart from their specific profile and edges, part of the trouble with these knifes is that because they are very hard (at least rockwell 61) they are also very difficult to sharpen well (the benefit being that they keep their edge for longer). I have tried several methods for sharpening them: specialised ceramic stones, traditional and ceramic steel, even a special tojiro sharpener. I got ok results only and with a lot of effort. The chef’s choice sharpener is different: you do need to re-hone (in slots 1) the tojiro knives for a while as i believe that their angle is slightly different (16° instead of 15°) but once you’ve done that and done the polishing in slots 2, you do get razor sharp edges with comparatively very little effort. Global knives are dead easy to sharpen and in most cases do not need re-honing. The sharpener itself is very solidly made and quite heavy, which means that it does not move. It does not seem to wear out the blades (which is why i stayed well clear off popular sharpeners with a v cut: they work, but they also damage your knives very quickly). The diamond abrasives do the trick even on the tojiro and the kai shun. I leave the sharpener plugged in in my utility room, this way when a knife needs sharpening it’s done literally in under 30s (once they have been re-honed, maintenance is only a matter for 3 x 3-5s pulls on each side in slots 2, depending on the length of the blade, and then about 3 quick pulls.

I ordered this for colleagues in another department, within our commercial premises, who use these sharpeners because they are so reliable. The only reason they like it, but not love it, is because ideally they would like to be able to replace the grey guards when they become marked/ cut / distressed rather than the entire unit each time. Overall though, these get a big thumbs up.

Thought it would make life easy. Its ok but for better results which takes time use a sharpening stone. Or even a high quality diamond knife sharpening steel.

I have mainly global knives and this is so much easier than using a whetstone even with the sharpening guides. A perfect 15 degree sharpening angle and with the ability to hone the knife as well as a basic sharpen means that i keep a very sharp edge on the blades for longer than just using a ceramic ‘steel’.

Very good but it takes along time to get the edge but then shave sharp.

Chef’s Choice 316 Asian Electric Knife Sharpener : Thought it was expensive but it has done a tremendous job of resharpening my knives, both japanese and european. It is far better than non electric types and easy to use. A must if you value having a sharp knife.

Does what it says on the packet. All my japanese knifes are now sharp enough to shave with. Very pleased with my purchase and would definately recommend this product.

It takes lots of metal from the blade, but does sharpen it well.

Replacing an old model which has worn out after a decade of use. Sharpens my asian knives as well as my standard knives, which are not too thick. You may have problem with the thicker standard knives.

Perfect for sharpening your japanese knives.

I’ve only had this less than a day and have used it to sharpen some knives. I have to admit i was a bit dubious that it would produce a good edge, but i was very surprised with the results. My henckels knives are now sharper than when new and sharper that i managed with manual sharpening. While the finished edge is not a mirror polish as can be achieved by manual sharpening i could care less as i now have very sharp knives and it only took a few seconds sharpening to achieve a better than new edge. This sharpener does cost more than a set of good quality knives, but its well worth it considering the speed and ease with which this unit can put a keen edge back on your knives. This particular model 316 was available at a good price in comparison to other models in the chef’s choice range and is perfect for my needs. So glad i didn’t go for a cheaper brand as this one is perfect.

Found product good but if too much pressure is used the sharpening device stalled,easy to use and aftersome practice good sharp edge achieved.

Wish i had bought one of these years ago instead of forking out (excuse the pun) good money for ceramic wheels at £20. Takes some practice but it really works and gives a fine edge – remember, this one is for global type knives.

I have never had sharper knives.

I really do like this , get knifes very sharp. Problem is , slot 1 sharpens really well , you can feel and hear it working ,slot 2 however really doesnt fine the blade down enough , can hardly hear anything when passing knife through , and im sure the knife gets duller once i pass it through the second slot ,sooo , i pass it through the first one then whetstone it after , that does the trick. Hence the three starshope this helps.

As recommended by america’s test kitchen [. make sure if your buying this – its for newest of western so called hybrid knives or for asian sourced knives with a 15 degree blade angle. If your using older european knives or a mixture there is a selectable 15/20 version availablei bought this for a friend wedding and whilst they sing its praises, i not used it personally so can only report what they say – which is that these are bloody wonderful, a absolute cinch to use, and they say that they work wonderfully with their lovely victornox blades that they had also been given for their wedding. ]

Bought for my wusthof standard and asian style knives which are sharpened to 14 degrees so these are the closest match at 15 degreesit took about 20-25 pull throughs per side to rehone the edge and about 5-10 in the 2nd slot to polish. (the knives were reasonably sharp already but would have needed bringing to 15 degree’s)the result is factory sharp knives, even though i didn’ feel the burr they talk about. I also sharpened a sabatier and an inexpensive carving knife and they are as sharp as they have ever been. Only slight worry so far is one of the disks seems to occasionally wobble a bit when running. I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

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